MVDO Constitution/By-Laws

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Section 6 - Duties of the President

By-Law 6.a

To lead and direct the affairs of the MVDO.

By-Law 6.b

To enforce and uphold the constitution, by-laws, and Rules and Regulations of the MVDO, to make any necessary interpretations thereof, and to rule on any problems or conflicts that are not covered by these documents.

By-Law 6.c

To establish administrative procedures when necessary to ensure the effective operation of the MVDO.

By-Law 6.d

To request volunteers from the entire general membership to serve on standing and special committees and to appoint Chairpersons from the volunteers. The chairpersons will then select the committee members from those volunteering.

By-Law 6.e

To call and chair meetings of the Executive Board and the general membership of the league.

By-Law 6.f

To act as ex-officio member of all committees and to cast the deciding vote in the event of deadlocks therein.

By-Law 6.g

To be at all times responsive to the needs and desires of the general membership.