General Information


The M.V.D.O. operates three seasons per year:

  • Spring (15 weeks) - generally runs early January to late April
  • Summer (10 weeks) - generally runs mid May to early August
  • Fall (15 weeks) - generally runs mid August to mid December

Leagues Available

The M.V.D.O. operates the following leagues:

  • Monday - 4-Person Team leagues (min. 4 players, maximum 8 per team)
  • Tuesday - Open Doubles leagues (min. 2 players, maximum 4 per team)
  • Wednesday - 4-Person Team leagues (min. 4 players, maximum 8 per team)
  • Thursday - All Cricket Open Doubles leagues (min. 2 players, maximum 4 per team)
  • Thursday - Mixed Doubles leagues (min. 2 players - 1 male, 1 female, maximum 4 per team)
  • Thursday - NEW in 2012 - Singles Money League

Check out League Formats to see which games are played!

Membership Dues

The M.V.D.O. is able to operate because it charges membership dues to its participating members. Each season, a member must pay a fee to participate in M.V.D.O. league play. The 15-week Spring and Fall sessions are $20 membership fees. The 10-week Summer Session is a $15 membership fee. This fee is only paid once per person per season. Dues must be paid at the time of registration.

Sponsor/Bar Fees

The M.V.D.O. also collects sponsorship fees from bars and pubs that host a team. These fees are paid per team each season. Members are not responsible for collecting sponsor fees. The M.V.D.O. will collect the fees from the bars. Members must get the permission of the bar owners/managers to play out of their establishment. The fees are as follows:

  • 4-Person Team - Spring/Fall ($70/team)     Summer ($60/team)
  • Open Doubles - Spring/Fall ($40/team)     Summer ($30/team)
  • Mixed Doubles - Spring/Fall ($40/team)     Summer ($30/team)

Skill/Competition Levels

The M.V.D.O. operates leagues in the following three skill/competition levels:

  • A Division- Advanced skill-level players
  • B Division- Intermediate skill-level players
  • C Division- Novice/Beginner skill-level players

Team Registration

The M.V.D.O. holds a registration meeting/tournament about 3-4 weeks before each season begins. Dates, times and locations for these meetings will be listed on the M.V.D.O. web site and in the League Calendar. Members can register their team at these meetings. Members may also obtain a registration form from the M.V.D.O. web site and mail the registration form to the M.V.D.O. at the address on the form.

For individuals who wish to play but may not have a full team - check the Forums on the M.V.D.O. web site for teams looking for players. Or just show up at any M.V.D.O. event and start networking. Or contact an M.V.D.O. Executive Board member and they may be able to help you out.