MVDO Constitution/By-Laws

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Section 4 - Executive Board

By-Law 4.a

The voting seats of the Executive Board will consist of the President, Vice-president, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-of-Arms, A Divisional Rep, B Divisional Rep, C Divisional Rep and the past-President of the league. Should the past-President decline this position, this seat shall remain vacant. In addition, the Executive Board may appoint 2 bar representatives who may attend Executive sessions. However, these are non-voting seats.

By-Law 4.b

The Board shall consider and report to the general membership on all proposed measures for the general welfare of the MVDO, shall adopt such policies to enhance this welfare. The Board shall direct the expenditure of the funds of the MVDO, but not in excess of the amount held by the Treasurer. The Board shall make a semi-annual report to the general membership. A simple majority of the Board shall be required for the transaction of business at Board meetings.

By-Law 4.c

The Board will meet once per month during the MVDO year, time and place to be determined by the President and communicated to all Board members in sufficient time to allow for attendance. The President and a quorum of the Board must be present at all Rules & Procedures Meetings.

By-Law 4.d

A quorum of the Executive Board shall have the power to make any decisions it deems necessary to conduct the business of the MVDO. However, its rulings may be overruled by a two-thirds vote of a general membership meeting.