MVDO Constitution/By-Laws

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Section 13 - Committees

By-Law 13.a

The Rules and Ratings Committee shall meet at least once annually to review the constitution, rating, by-laws, and general rules of the MVDO and shall submit majority recommendations to the Board for approval prior to being submitted to the general membership for consideration. The Committee must review ratings each season. This committee, chaired and chosen by Vicepresident, will have a minimum of two (2) non-board members from each division, but not more than two (2) from one (1) bar.

By-Law 13.b

The Publication Committee shall be responsible for publication of all official publications including tournament programs and a newsletter that will be sent to all league members at least twice per league season.

By-Law 13.c

The Election Committee shall be in charge of the annual election of officers, which will take place at the Spring Season Membership Meeting. This committee shall devise and implement rules necessary to conduct a secret ballot election and verify that voting is done only by qualified members. The Election Committee shall devise a method by which an MVDO member in good standing can participate in any MVDO election by submitting an absentee ballot. Any member of this committee seeking nomination or election to any office shall immediately resign from this committee. Such vacancy will be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the committee. This committee will at all times be autonomous and free from the control of outside forces. All candidates will be allowed to watch the opening of the ballots in a nonparticipatory fashion.

By-Law 13.d

The major tournament committee (ADO sanctioned tournaments) will be composed of four (4) members appointed by the President with the consent of the Board of Directors. The terms will be staggered so that a new member will be appointed each year. The Sergeant-at-Arms will serve as the fifth member of the committee. The President will designate the Chairman. The committee will report regularly to the Board and coordinate activities with the Board.

By-Law 13.e

The Publicity Committee will assist the Secretary in organizing and administering promotional and charitable activities of the MVDO.

By-Law 13.f

The MVDO Standards Committee will be responsible for visually inspecting the equipment and playing conditions for all dart bars currently sponsoring teams in the MVDO. The Chairperson will appoint as many inspectors as deemed necessary for this purpose and it will be the bar owner’s responsibility to make any changes recommended by the inspectors.

By-Law 13.g

The Bi-State Committee will be appointed to coordinate our league’s participation in the Bi-state tournament with the three other participating leagues.