MVDO Constitution/By-Laws

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Section 3 - Membership

By-Law 3.a

Membership is limited to permanent residents of the metropolitan Saint Louis area as defined by the Executive Board. However, the Board may authorize associate memberships, at a fee the Board deems reasonable, which would entitle the holder to be placed on the mailing list for the monthly bulletins, tournament information, etc. Associate members are not allowed to vote on League matters.

By-Law 3.b

Membership meetings will be held prior to the start of each league season. Registration for the upcoming season will be held at the meeting and trophies and awards for the preceding season will be presented. The Membership Meeting will be publicized in a timely manner giving date, place and agenda of scheduled meeting. Decisions taken by the Board can be overruled by a two-thirds majority of those members present and voting. Robert’s Rules of Order will govern the meetings.

By-Law 3.c

The Executive Board retains the right to terminate or suspend any member, team, or pub, but only after receiving a written protest that must be handed to a Board member or mailed to arrive at the MVDO address within 48 hours after the violation. The defendant must be notified of the complaint by registered mail and of a hearing by the Board at a specified time and place and must be given the opportunity to defend himself before the complainant(s). The owner of the pub in which the alleged violation occurred, may at his/her discretion, be present at the hearing. Failure of the defendant to appear at his hearing will be considered to be a plea of no contest. The Board will act on the evidence before it. A written explanation of the judgment and action of the Board will be sent to defendant by registered mail.