MVDO Constitution/By-Laws

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Section 5 - Terms of Office

By-Law 5.a

The President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms and the Divisional Representatives shall be elected by the general membership. If vacancies occur due to resignation or removal, the President may appoint new officers, subject to the consent of the Board, to complete the term of the departing member. Any MVDO officer may be removed from his or her office at any time for incompetence or misconduct as determined by a twothirds majority vote of the attending membership at any membership meeting.

By-Law 5.b

All elected officers shall serve one year and the term shall be from February 1st to January 31st.

By-Law 5.c

No officer of the MVDO shall receive payment or remuneration for their services (except for approved expenses that shall be reimbursed to them at the direction of the Board). The Board may, at its discretion, appoint individuals to perform the duties of record-keeping and standings generation. These positions demand more time than a volunteer worker would reasonably be expected to give. No current Board member may hold any of these paid positions.

By-Law 5.d

Should the MVDO Board determine that an MVDO officer has been absent, unwilling or otherwise unable to perform his duties for an extended period of time, a majority vote of the Board shall have the authority to temporarily assign all or part of the duties of that office to any eligible MVDO member. The temporary officer shall have the full authority of the former officer for the duration of the term of that office or until the original officer is able to resume his duties.

By-Law 5.e

If vacancies occur due to resignation or removal, a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board may appoint new officers to complete the term of the departing member.

By-Law 5.f

Candidates for Office of the Executive Board may only be nominated and appear on the ballot for one (1) seat on the Board.