MVDO Constitution/By-Laws

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Section 14 - Amendments

By-Law 14.a

A Rules and Procedures Meeting will be held in the middle of each season enabling the proposed changes to be printed in the Bullshot News for people to discuss and consider prior to the General Membership Meeting. All league members will be welcome to attend and participate in this meeting.

By-Law 14.b

Amendments of all topics must be submitted to the “Rules” Chairman 15 days prior to the Rules and Procedures Meeting in order to be considered at that meeting.

By-Law 14.c

Any league member in good standing may propose any change or amendment to the Constitution, by-laws, or Rules and Regulations of the MVDO at any Rules and Procedures Meeting. If the proposed amendment receives a simple majority vote of the attending members of the Rules and Procedures Meeting, the proposal will be presented to the General Membership at the next General Membership Meeting. If the proposal receives a simple majority vote at the General Membership Meeting, the proposed amendment shall be adopted.

By-Law 14.d

All amendments shall become effective at the commencement of the next scheduled season unless otherwise provided for in the amendment.

By-Law 14.e

All changes proposed at a General Membership Meeting shall be presented in writing to the attending membership prior to voting.

By-Law 14.f

If an amendment is voted on at a General Membership Meeting, the same rule cannot be on the ballot again for at least two years.