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2023 Fall rosters and schedules are posted!


Rosters and schedules for the Spring season have been uploaded. Captains emails will be sent out Sunday.

If you want to fill one of the BYE spots in the schedule, email Dave Madison.

Ratings and player history has been updated!


Players ratings and player history from the Fall 2022 season have been updated.

MVDO Fall 2022 City Playoff Results


Congratulations to all the winners

Open Team Championship
Topshooters (Bill Begis) - Open Team Champion
Hotshots #2 (Jon Pais) - Open 'B' Team Champion

Open Doubles Championship
Concord Lanes (Jennifer Finney) - Open Doubles Champion
Musers (Kara Mahoney) - 'B' Doubles Champion

Open Cricket Championship
Concord Lanes (Jim Herget) - Open Cricket Champions
Hotshots #5 (Carl Schniers) - Open 'B' Cricket Champions

2023 MVDO Executive Board Nominations


If you are interested in joining the MVDO Board please send an email to Dave Madison or any other board member. Even if a position already has a nominee please volunteer. Most of the current board members are fine with running again but most also are only doing it because no one else will. So if you are interested in joining the board and having a voice in how the league is run and grows, please volunteer.

  • President - Dave Madison
  • Vice President - Amanda Stuart
  • Treasurer - Tiffany Strite
  • Secretary - Leslie Varney
  • Sgt. At Arms - Tim Heet
  • 'A' Rep - Zach Callanan
  • 'B' Rep - open
  • 'C' Rep - Heather Koenig

Upcoming Tournaments

View more information and local blind draw info on our Tournament Information page.