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Midwest Summer Classic - registration process


The Midwest Summer Classic will be using Dart Connect's Digital Pro Steel tip Tournament software this year. Those of you that played Blueberry Hill's tournament the past couple years will be familiar with the registration process. For those that will be experiencing it for the first time here is the registration process:

  • Step 1 - Check in to the tournament - This can be done from your phone, from a computer or iPad. The Monday before the tournament (July 15) you will be able to check in at the Midwest Summer Classic from Dart Connect's DCTV. Links to do this will be posted here on Monday and on the leagues Facebook page. This involves creating an account with Dart Connect if you do not have one. Accounts are free, you just need an email address. You may also check in at the tournament as well will have iPads set up for this.
  • Step 2 - Once at the tournament you must register for an event. iPads will be set up at the tournament for this. Its a simple process, You find your name in the list, click it and then click the event(s) you wish to register for. If its a doubles or triples event you will be asked to select your partners name as well. (Note - your partner(s) must also be checked in or else they won't be in the list.)
  • Step 3 - Go to tournament central and pay your entry fee for whatever event(s) you registered for. You are not in the event until you pay.

Tournament brackets will be displayed throughout the bowling alley. You will be able to see board assignments and follow along on these brackets. If you give your cell phone number in your Dart Connect account you will receive text messages whenever you are assigned to a board. Matches will be broadcast live on Dart Connect's DCTV.Recaps of your matches will be emailed to you. All the stats will be kept on Dart Connect DCTV as well. Using Dart Connect's software to run the brackets and score the matches we expect the tournament to run smoothly and at a faster pace. Hope to see everyone there!

2019 Summer City Playoff Schedule


Download 2019 Summer City Playoff Schedule here.

NOTE: B team City Championship is Monday night!

Wednesday night - new options for Fall!


The MVDO is bringing back the Wednesday night ABC league. Each team will consist of A, B and C players - construct your roster however you like but you must stay under the cap for each set of games and you can never play more than 2 'A' players in any set of games. Team game will have an 800 ratings cap. The two doubles Spanish games will have a 500 cap (for each doubles). The 501 and Cricket doubles will each have a 450 cap. The singles games will have the following caps - 300, 225, 175, 125. Also, all teams will play at the same bar each week so the league will be limited to 6 teams. So if you want to play get your teams in right away as it will be a first come first served order. (However, if an additional 4 - 6 teams register we will have a second division.) And finally for the "City" playoffs, the team that wins the divisional playoffs will go into the playoffs as 'B' team, however they must follow their division rules of never going over the caps in any set of games. There opponents will not be under those cap limits, but they will.

Also we will be offering singles leagues on Wednesday nights. These will follow the same format that we did in the past for singles money leagues on Thursday nights, However, these will not be money leagues. These will be $20 to play (this is not your league dues, this is a fee specifically for singles). If you do not play league any other night then in addition to $20 for singles then you will owe $20 for MVDO dues. If you play another night then you will only owe $20 for singles league and your MVDO dues will be paid through that team. The $20 fee per player will go towards trophy or plaque for regular season and or playoff winner. TBD still.

There are 4 levels of singles - format and levels listed in League Formats - depending on registration levels may be combined.

MVDO Fall 2019 Registration Information


You can register for the Fall 2019 season which begins the week of Aug. 19 in one of the following ways:

  • Monday Aug. 5 - 7:00 PM-10:00 PM at Hotshots-Manchester. The MVDO Board will be accepting registration forms during the MVDO Summer City playoffs at Hotshots #3. You can drop off or pick up a registration form that night and give to a Board member. Please have your teams dues as well or pay them at the pre-season's captian meeting Saturday Aug. 17 at Hotshots-Manchester (time TBD).
  • Download the registration form below and mail it to the MVDO address on the form. Make sure you include a check or money order for your teams dues or admin fee unless you will pay them at the pre-season captains meeting. The deadline for mail-ins is Thursday Aug. 15.
  • Email Dave Madison with all the required information - bar name, captain name, address and phone number and all the players on the team, desired night of play and desired skill level. The deadline for email-ins is Thursday Aug. 15.

Download Registration Form here.

The pre-season's captain meeting will be at Saturday Aug. 17 (details to come). You will pick up your schedules and rosters at this meeting, discuss rule changes and pay your team's dues for the season. At least one member from your team must be present.

MVDO has new phone numbers


The MVDO has new fax and recorder phone numbers. The fax number is 314-329-4394. The voice/recorder number is 314-723-6390.

Upcoming Tournaments

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