MVDO Constitution/By-Laws

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Section 9 - Duties of the Treasurer

By-Law 9.a

To maintain creditable bookkeeping records of the MVDO funds and to submit a budget each season to the general membership within 30 days of the membership meeting.

By-Law 9.b

To maintain systems to comply with the tracking of funds as may be required by funding sources outside the league.

By-Law 9.c

To maintain disbursement controls to comply with State and Federal guidelines.

By-Law 9.d

To maintain financial records and documentation in compliance with current law and good accounting practices.

By-Law 9.e

To maintain and provide all financial records for inspection by the Board and the general membership.

By-Law 9.f

To maintain dual-signature accounts in financial institutions selected with the approval of the Board.

By-Law 9.g

To complete financial reports to be submitted to the general membership at least semiannually.

By-Law 9.h

To order all materials required by the MVDO with the approval of the Board and disburse funds in such a manner as to keep a good credit rating for the league.

By-Law 9.i

To be responsible for the collection of all money owed to the MVDO.

By-Law 9.j

To request a minimum of three (3) bids for any expense above one thousand dollars ($1,000) that is not provided for in the budget.