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2017 MVDO Open Results


2nd-Larry Coyle/Chris Mogg
Top 4-Tim/Amanda Stuart, Mike/Devin

1st-Rob King/Mark Stuck/Jason Lynch
2nd-James Byers/Brian Blumenberg/Chris Mogg
Top 4-Dave Madison/Amy Cuntz/Cory Thrasher, Bruce Bulmer/Chuck Abrahamson/??????

1st-Mike Johnson/Tyler Bower
2nd-Gary Boyd/Chuck Abrahamson
Top 4-Lyle Shorkey/Sean Rahmberg, James Byers/Jerry Travous

1st-Chris Mogg
2nd-Bill Graff
Top 4-Sarah Vinson, Jennifer Finney
Top 8-Matt Alton, Doris Borgele, Jason Lynch, Becky Plumage

1st-Tyler Bower
2nd-Jerry Travous
Top 4-Bobby Hasty, Cory Thrasher
Top 8-Eric Mueller, Mike Williss, Jessica Thather, Mike Riordan

1st-Pat Kron
2nd-James Byers
Top 4-Keith Sexton, Mike Johnson
Top 8-Brad Wethington, Dean Goersch, Dan Dawson, Lyle Shorkey

Thank you to all that came out. Thank you to Hotshots for all the free food all day long. Thank you to all the board members that helped set up, tear down and run the tournament.

2017 MVDO Executive Board results


These are the election results:

  • President - Darryl Marler
  • Vice President - Jim Herget
  • Treasurer - Tiffany Strite
  • Secretary - Sean Rahmberg
  • Sgt. At Arms - Tim Heet
  • 'A' Rep - Curtis Strite
  • 'B' Rep - Walt Kuenzle
  • 'C' Rep - Ray Kern

What do you do if you have an issue/complaint in the league?


If in the course of league play you encounter a situation or issue that requires assistance, here is a simple guide to follow:

Rules/Regulations issue - First, check the MVDO rules on the MVDO website - League Rules. If it is not in the league rules go to the ADO Tournament Rules on the ADO website - ADO website. If you still can't find it, ask your division rep first, reps are listed on the MVDO website - Executive Board. If you can't get your division rep, then try another Board member. If you have a complaint about a rule or regulation, it should be brought up at the preseason captains meeting and if a change is necessary, a vote of the membership will be held at the yearly election/MVDO Open in January.

Conduct/Discipline issue - First, contact your division rep, reps are listed on the MVDO website - Executive Board. If you can't get your division rep, then try another Board member.

Protests - Protests must be filed in writing to an MVDO Board member (an email will suffice). Preferably the league Vice President as they are in charge of protests. Email addresses found here - Executive Board. A $10 fee must be sent in with a protest. It will be refunded if protest is uphelp. The protest process is defined in the league rules - League Rules.

Website/Score/Reschedule issues - Contact league web masters and statisticians Dave Madison or Chuck Solinski. Or call 636-447-4003 the league answering machine.

New Feature for captains - add your team achievements!


For those captains that take advantage of adding your own match results from the Member login, you will now also be able to enter your team's achievements - 180's, 171's, 9 counts, low and high tons, 6 dart 301 games, etc. - for your team. Download instructions here. IMPORTANT - Achievements must be entered before you enter and save your scores (for now we will change this eventually).

Upcoming Tournaments

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