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Split Division Information


Once again there are a number of split divisions this season. Split divisions are obviously not what any of us - league members or the Executive Board - want to have. The reason we have split divisions is because we do not want to turn players away. We use split divisions when there are not enough (minimum of 4) teams in one particular skill level to form their own division. If we only have 2 or 3 teams in say a Monday A division for instance we do not want to tell those 2 or 3 teams with 8-24 players they cannot play so we have a split division with the high B teams. If we turn them away we not only lose players but we lose an average of about $180 revenue per team so $300-$600 total. Revenue we need to run the league.

Split divisions are not a new concept. The MVDO has been doing it since back in the 80s. But we had so many teams back then that it wasn't needed very often. If we don't want split divisions then we need to increase membership in the league and get more teams involved then split divisions will not be necessary.

An alternative to split divisions is to pull one team up to play in the higher division. So in the case above the highest B team would be told they have to play in the A division every match. How would you feel if you were that team? Pretty mad I would assume. Chances are that team would be very frustrated and possibly quit. That benefits no one. The thinking is with a split division at least some of their matches are played against teams of equal calibur.

So why can't the schedule be altered to play the teams of your calibur more often? The issue there is scheduling. The MVDO follows a scheduling algorithm that allows us to schedule matches at the beginning of the season so there is no conflict on board space at any bar during the season. And the software that runs the league database and web site is written based on these algorithms. So we cannot do custom schedules. In the past with so few split divisions this was not an issue. With more and more split divisions becoming a regularity, we can look into modifying the software to include the creation of a custom schedule.

And to clear up some misinformation out there if you play in a split division and you are in the lower part of the split it does not negatively affect your rating. In fact it helps your rating. The formula run to calculate your rating at the end of a season is based partly on division rating. However in a split division situation your division rating is not the rating you see in your division name. The division rating is actually the division rating of all the teams in the two split divisions combined. So for instance this season we have a Monday split between A293 and B171 (this was written 2 years ago as players were complaining about split divisions back then too, lol). The division rating used to calculate ratings for all those players is actually 206 - the division rating of all the teams combined. So those in the B171 are really playing an A206 division when it comes to your rating. But we don't actually call it that so the teams can still be in the B division and play in the B City playoffs. So as you can see there is no negative affect on your rating if you are in the lower end of a split.

And finally and this is an agrument players usually don't like to hear but if you have the right attitude then a split division will help your game. Is it fun getting beat 11-0, 10-1? No of course not. But if you look at it as a chance to learn what the better players do strategy wise or ask them how they got to be as goods as they are you can learn a lot from playing them. As in any sport you learn and grow from how you handle losing, not when you are winning. But if you go into it with the attitude of this sucks, we can never beat those guys, this is stupid, then yes, sorry, you are not going to have fun. And isn't that why you play to have fun? Or are you playing for a plaque at the end of the season? You decide.

MVDO Summer 2017 season posted!


Rosters and Schedules for the Summer 2017 season have been posted. There is a split division every night. I apologize but we had a poor turnout this season and everyone wants to play so we do what we have to do.

Captains meeting is at 6 PM tomorrow at Hotshots-South County. Pick up your packet, pay your dues, and discuss some league business. Please have someone from your team there or face imprisonment! Kidding of course. But please try to send someone there to get your packet so we don't have to come find you. Thanks.

MVDO Spring 2017 City Playoff Results


Congratulations to all the winners

Open Team Championship
Arnold Bowl (Jim Herget) - Open Team Champion
Hotshots #5 (Jim Pruehsner) - Open 'B' Team Champion

Open Doubles Championship
Larry J's (Bobby Hasty) - Open Doubles Champion
Hotshots #12 (Matt Brandt) - 'B' Doubles Champion

Open Cricket Championship
Larry J's (Darryl Marler) - Open Cricket Champions

Ratings and player history has been updated!


Players ratings and player history from the Spring 2016 season have been updated.

End of Season Awards - Blind Draw - Sat. May 20 @ Hotshots-Fenton 7:30 PM


The end of season awards ceremony and high-low blind draw will be Saturday May 20 at Hotshots-Fenton at 7:30 PM. Awards from the Sprng season will be handed out and there will be a high-low blind draw - $5 entry - MVDO matches the pot. Double elimination. Players will be split into two groups by rating with a player from the top half being teamed with a player from the low half. Hope to see you all there.

What do you do if you have an issue/complaint in the league?


If in the course of league play you encounter a situation or issue that requires assistance, here is a simple guide to follow:

Rules/Regulations issue - First, check the MVDO rules on the MVDO website - League Rules. If it is not in the league rules go to the ADO Tournament Rules on the ADO website - ADO website. If you still can't find it, ask your division rep first, reps are listed on the MVDO website - Executive Board. If you can't get your division rep, then try another Board member. If you have a complaint about a rule or regulation, it should be brought up at the preseason captains meeting and if a change is necessary, a vote of the membership will be held at the yearly election/MVDO Open in January.

Conduct/Discipline issue - First, contact your division rep, reps are listed on the MVDO website - Executive Board. If you can't get your division rep, then try another Board member.

Protests - Protests must be filed in writing to an MVDO Board member (an email will suffice). Preferably the league Vice President as they are in charge of protests. Email addresses found here - Executive Board. A $10 fee must be sent in with a protest. It will be refunded if protest is uphelp. The protest process is defined in the league rules - League Rules.

Website/Score/Reschedule issues - Contact league web masters and statisticians Dave Madison or Chuck Solinski. Or call 636-447-4003 the league answering machine.

New Feature for captains - add your team achievements!


For those captains that take advantage of adding your own match results from the Member login, you will now also be able to enter your team's achievements - 180's, 171's, 9 counts, low and high tons, 6 dart 301 games, etc. - for your team. Download instructions here. IMPORTANT - Achievements must be entered before you enter and save your scores (for now we will change this eventually).

Upcoming Tournaments

View more information and local blind draw info on our Tournament Information page.